Can the Site version be installed through Marketplace?

Tittle says it all…

I have the version purchased from the FlyInside site. Will I be able to install the newlly available Marketplace version using the same license code ?

Sorry Jcomm, at-least for now, no. If we find a way to make it happen we will.

That said both versions are feature-identical, there’s no advantage to installing the Marketplace version.

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i like the way as is now,the Store versions takes longer to update,and the files are easy to install,store you can not go back to a older version if you want… :+1: :grinning:


Thank you for your replies.

Just installed the last version, from the FlyInside downloads, and works beautifuly, so, really no need for the Marketplace version anyway :slight_smile:


Does the market version need to run the heli manager as well? I really wish I don’t have do launch a separate program every time.

The Marketplace version of Heli Manager is internal to MSFS instead of as a separate program. For convenience you can also set Heli Manager to run on startup for the website version, so you don’t need to manually launch it.

Can you help me migrating to the Marketplace version? I have a problem with the standalone version. If I start the Heli Manager before lauching MSFS, it will crash. I have to start MSFS first, and then start Heli Manager, and then it’s OK. This feels more troublesome compared with the Marketplace version.

That’s a new one and definitely something we want to fix. Is it Heli Manager that crashes or MSFS?

Could you shoot an email to ?

It’s MSFS that crashes if I start Heli Manager first.