Carb Heat and Mixture Controls

What are the correct uses/settings of these controls in
general flight?..

Thanks, John

Mixture you generally never touch, deemed too risky, IRL as well…
From what I have seen with the carbheat, one pilot I watched, he’d pull it down for a few moments and then up and keep doing that during flight, guess it depends on where you fly and if you suspect you might get carb ice, like if its alot of moisture in the air or just cold ^^

I dont remember if you can get carb ice in the heli yet… I have asked but I cant recall now… if not, it will probably be a thing as they are still working on a lot of stuff for this helicopter.

Thanks, Murdoch…I have experimented a bit since the post…I find that after reaching almost top speed (without engine governor), leaning the engine out and reducing carb heat (where not needed) allows me to go a bit faster without crash…am I correct to assume that the cockpit position of these controls (default–both controls all the way up) is mixture full rich and carb heat full on?..

Thanks, John H

If you go past 100 kts or so you will get in to some serious trubble, earlier if you go high altitude.
And yes, all the way up…

Like I said IRL they would keep mixture rich to reduce the risks, because loosing power in a helicopter can be much more serious than a helicopter even for a moment.

Thanks for your input…interesting…John H.