CTD with BELL206 v1.99

i have a Crash to Desktop with the new v1.99: MSFS crashes from the 1st loading of the B206 v 1.99 (whether in flight or at an airport) !
it’s impossible to start MSFS with the B206 (but it works normally with other devices)

I reinstalled v1.98, MSFS starts correctly but there is no longer a link between the BELL206 and HeliManager! msg “please run FlyInside Helimanager”

I’m using 1.99 without issues here. Maybe delete your current 206 folder and fresh install of manager and heli - if you’ve not already done this?

after a whole day of research I think the problem comes from my video card (RTX2060) which is a bit weak! I decreased all the display parameters, as well as the size of the MSFS window and I finally managed to install v1.99
Thanks to you

Very strange, but that’s good news. Could you let us know if the issue comes back?

yes i will be sure to let you know if it happens again
thank you