Dancing Queen on rooftops

Asobo made most roofs landable, great progress compared to FSX and P3D, but obviously they are not very stable. When I land on a flat roof, the Bell 47 becomes a Dancing Queen. I never noticed that, when I landed with a STOL-Plane on a roof. Vibrations in a Heli are realistic, but so strong? :confused:

Don’t try to land on the helipad of a cruise ship though.

They look so inviting, but the ships are apparently just a mirage. :wink:

If You want to land on ships, go to flightsim.to and look for “Aircraft Carrier Group” , “Animated Light Vessel East Goodwin” and with superyachts: “French Riviera Helipad Mega Pack”. They are landable.


Just found out about the landable roofs - we needed a helicopter to discover this. I’m really pleased as it’s so frustrating in X-Plane having ghost buildings everywhere. One of my favourite things in AFS2 is hopping the R22 between skyscraper roofs in Manhattan for landing practice.
Thanks for the tip, I tried a few last night and some were stable and some caused that jittery effect you mention, not sure how to tell the difference but it will be fun finding out.

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Tokyo is helipad galore for roof top landings so much helipads there with default scenery :bulb:

  • Japan’s capital has 80+ buildings where helicopters can land
  • Most sit idle, restricted by noise concerns and regulations

And no sink through ???

I landed on a lot of them without problem :slight_smile:

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Lol great to know, will take a trip to try them out :wink:


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We have more than that here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are not in the Sim, yet, unfortunately.

ORBX Okavango Delta has plenty of raised landing pads so that you can land clear of elephants wanting to flatten your chopper…

…and i would imagine that there’s nothing worse than a flattened chopper :wink:


Okivango Delta is made by SimWorks Studios not ORBX

My apologies, of course it is. But it is sold by ORBX

All the best from me and my iPad

Chris Brisland