Disable rotor hub shadows B47G

In VR the shadows cast into the cockpit by the spinning rotor hub are very distracting. A mod or directions on how to remove the shadows, or better yet, cast a static, blended shadow into the cockpit would be wonderful.

They are distracting, because they are distracting in the real aircraft. I believe you can turn off shadows completely in one of the MSFS settings dialogs for VR.


Respectfully, it’s the flickering, intermittent way MSFS displays shadows of quickly rotating parts that is my issue. I assume that’s why the rotor shadows disappear above a certain RPM. I’ve ridden in a B47 on a sunny day and there is a shadow cast into the cockpit, but it’s much more smooth and diffuse at operating RPMs. The MSFS depiction is more like watching a video where the short shutter speed captures snapshots of the shadow at different stages.

I had been looking for a setting to disable shadows completely but came up empty. I’d appreciate any advice on where to look.

I love the flight dynamics of the chopper, I may just need to restrict myself to flying on overcast days…