DIY Collective and BELL 47 buttons


I’m creating a collective lever to use with this amazing BELL47.

How can I assign buttons to “Engage Starter” and “Piston Governor” ?

I’m using a registered version of FSUIPC 7 if needed.

Thans for your help !

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Hi @oscardelta59 and welcome aboard.

Although a mapping command for the governor switch is not yet available, one will be introduced in the next update.

As for the starter, maybe try mapping your button to ‘MAGNETOS START’.

For information about what else might already be in the development pipeline, please check out the Road Map at FlyInside Bell 47G Road Map - General Forum - FlyInside Helicopters Forum (



Hi @HawkMoth ,

Thank you !

It work nice with ‘Magneto Start’ ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I will look for next updates. When the governor switch will be available, it will be PERFECT !

This DIY Collective is a nice project and it fits well with your great BELL 47. I really love it .


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I’ve got a collective in my setup, but I’ve often wondered if one of those cheap Chinese simracing handbrakes could be adapted to make a collective.
eBay sim handbrakes
It would lack buttons, but so long as it has a mappable axis, theoretically it should work and would be a fraction of the cost of a proper one.

Hi BirdDog72, (nice name :wink: ) and everybody else too. My first post here :slight_smile:

I built a collective with throttle using a Chinese ebay handbrake. Overall, they are a very simple solution and I tweaked it a bit to improve the USB input linearity. I’ll post some pics and explain what I changed.

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I think we could be on to something here, dedicated helicopter controls are expensive, but this could be a good looking value for money alternative. Those handbrakes look decent, you’ve got to respect Chinese engineering for bringing good bits of kit within affordable reach. Please post some pics of your build when you get chance.

Hi everybody !

I wanted to create a collective from scratch, and i wanted to create each parts.

Today : Collective lever is working and throttle handle too. I have 3 buttons (Engine starter, Landing lights and Piston governor). All is working fine.

What i have to do now, is the housing. I need to improve the friction too.

I will post some picture later, and when everything will be ok, i will share all files.

Hi oscardelta59 - It will be great to check out your build. I’m looking for more ideas too :slight_smile:

I’ve started my own thread below so not to hijack yours :slight_smile: though I think It’s been automatically hidden as I’m new and used links to imgur.

Is Imgur okay to use here? Is there a recommended pic and video host other than youtube?

Hi dogmanbird,

No problem to share your ideas here :wink:

I’m using imgur too, i don’t think it’s a problem.

Here’s a pics of my work in progress (I can post only one) :

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Here is the head :

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Hi oscardelta59, thank you for posting your pics. Being new here, I’d used up my post quota and wasn’t allowed to respond on the forum for 19 hours.

Is it entirely 3d printed? Is the white shaft PVC?

On mine I left the shaft quite long to be able to add a counter balance, in fear of the head being too heavy for the friction arrangement I used. However, I tested it with some motorbike handlebar clamps attached where the head would go, heavier than the head would be, and it was fine.

I’d imagine you would prefer to keep it compact as it is, but you could try a hardware store cupboard door dampener (gas strut) between the shaft and the mounting mechanism (if you haven’t already considered it)

I’m keen to see it’s further progress :slight_smile:

Hi dogmanbird,

Thanks for your ideas. I’ve designed some new parts this morning (they’re being printing). A new way of friction, based on this video :

I will let you if it works.

I’ve already considered something like a dampener, but I would like to design each part of this collective. It takes a lot of time, and I may be somtimes disapointed. It’s a challenge ! :wink:

The white shaft is metalic and was a table feet (before i cut it).

I thought about counterbalance too, but it would need to redesign a lot of things.

Nice to talk about these DIY projects.

And apologize for my poor english. i’m not as fluent as I would like to (nor as i should !!!)

Thanks, and good luck with it! :slight_smile: Thanks for that video too.

I really enjoy creating the controls, and doing it as cheaply as possible. I think I enjoy it even more than the flying lol.

So do I ! Building my cockpit is a great pleasure. I enjoy it as much as flying ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nicely done. I built a collective when DCS came out with the Huey. Can’t fly a helicopter without it now.

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