Engine overheating when taking off from high altitude field

Well, the title pretty says it all. With the Bell 206, if I pick an airfield in high altitude, say, over 2000 m., I’m unable to take off, because the engine overheat. What am I doing wrong?

You are at a very high altitude. What was the local temperature? How much torque were you pulling? What aircraft weight? Sounds like you are reaching the engine limits and must reduce your power use. I always recommend going online or asking someone on our discord channels for a 206 manual. That has all the charts you will need to determine your performance in all flight environments.


Hi, thanks for your answer. 7°c, default load, take off from CO95, Wilson Ranch, alt 9580. Torque slightly above 80% to get IGE. I’ll try and get that manual. Can’t connect to discord channel, though.