Engine Volume Level

Could we have a separate soundset with reduced volume level for the engines?
I know we can reduce it on MSFS settings but even on 1% it is simply too loud and to nake it usable I lose all aerodynamic, radio and cockpit switch sounds as I have to turn down the speakers volume to a bare minimum.

I also tried with the “headphone simulation” setting but that one can’t be used as well because external engine sound volume is linked with engine sounds. Translated = you can’t have external views with engine sounds or you will wake up the entire neighbourhood.

The best option would be to have a separate sound set with reduced volume or a single one with reduced volume that can be increased for users who want a really loud experience.

I’m not sure quite what you’re looking for, and it might be hard for us to achieve what you want. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but if you pop into “Community\flyinside-bell47\SimObjects\Airplanes\bell 47\sound” and edit sound.xml, you could individually tune down the sounds that are too loud.

thank you for the info.

would it be enough to reduce

Parameter Name=“Insulation_ExitClosed” Value="-15"/
Parameter Name=“Insulation_ExitOpen” Value=“0”/

instead of tweaking each single entry?

EDIT: no, doesn’t work, engine sound is still ear scorching levels.
please let me know which values I need to edit in that file to bring engine sound to tollerable levels, thank you :wink:

instead of tweaking the xml I simply used audacity to reduce some wav levels by -15db, now it is perfect.
the external sound is a bit low but honestly I spend most time inside the cockpit and not in “war thunder mode”.

all good.