Error message while installing

I received this error message while installing. Run as admin the same. No other antivirus just MS defender.

Hi mate, thanks for popping over :slight_smile: OK we are looking into this now for you. You say you only have windows Defender correct?


Yes, only windows Defender.
BTW here is the list of running app for your reference.
1.AutoHotKey (simulate two mouse key to middle button)
2.Joystick Gremlin (split controller axis)
3.Virtual Desktop streamer (for Oculus Quest 2)
4.Mouse without borders (For switch keyboard mouse )

OK bear with us, just waiting for Dan to pop on and hopefully get you sorted. Its still early in the USA.


At the end of all executing programs(Five on the list and Lenovo computer manager), I can install it successfully with on any error message.It’s weird.

Thank you for your quick respond :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Regards,
Kevin Chiang

Maybe one of those was interfering with the initial setup?

Just confirm, you are up and running ?


Yes, I can active and fly .

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Very strange error message. Is there any possibility the installer was being run by a user account with limited rights, and not as administrator?