Errors, remarks, tasks to be corrected

Thank you very, very much for the work of FlyInside! The first helicopter to Flight Simulator. Wonderful, fantastic work!

  • High quality, detailed exterior model
  • High quality detailed cockpit
  • Photorealistic textures
  • Fantastic sound effects when turning and other maneuvers
  • Very good flight dynamics
  • I really like it and it was a very good idea FlyInside Heli Manager / Everyone can set the appropriate sensitivity for him, which is a pleasure

A few remarks:

Unfortunately, I don’t allow any more images to be uploaded to the forum … I sent the images of the bugs to the developer by e-mail.

There are a few bugs I would report to the developer:

In the cockpit, the glass effect is very strong for reflection. Destroys, damages the user’s eyes (marked in the picture)

I would like to reduce the glass effect, the reflection

The carenado developer used to provide an opportunity to turn off shadows and reflections in the cockpit.

It would be nice to incorporate this feature into FlyInside’s heli manager.

Passengers’ feet log into the air. I would ask you to place people properly, realistically.

Helicopter modeling should also be improved. More precisely in one place which is very conspicuous. The brace next to the glass is quite square, it should be improved to be more curved. Really see the break in it …

In several places at the stiffening part, an error can also be detected in the texture, in 3D modeling.

External camera view is incorrect. Very close, needs to be improved.

During the flight dynamics, I noticed that the nose of the helicopter does not rise during cyclic back-heating. It also runs out of speed very soon.

Thank you for your effort. After fixing the bugs, you will have a perfect model! Wonderful work!

Also to add to the above (flight model) ^

I have never flown a B47G in real life, but from observation videos, shouldn’t the torque rotor be unloaded in cruise which would require a little right pedal ? ( with power on 50-70kts ) I have found I have to hold left pedal no matter what speed I’m doing. Of course this will vary with the amount of collective torque being used; which does seem to be modeled accurately. But I’m not sure about this, so take with a grain of salt. More curious then anything.

Truly, this helicopter is wonderful already and with these minor fixings mentioned above it will be just perfect.

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More and more people are flying by helicopter. Great experience. Wonderful work! All my respect!

There is a big flaw in the helicopter that is very confusing and takes away the experience. I ask the developers to deal with the glass effect of the cockpit and fix it. This grayish, whitish glass effect is horrible. Right now, the view is unenjoyable and my eyes are burning out due to the bad glass effect. I want clean, anti-reflection, clear glass in the cockpit. The appearance of the shadow on the glass is also terribly bad. Watch the video and see what I’m talking about. This is a closed video that can only be viewed with the link.

I look forward to the developer patch. It would be great if you could use the heli manager to conjure clean glass. Now horror … Didn’t the testers notice this? …

We have played with this setting numerous times and we believe we are at almost the correct opacity. You would get a very similar effect if you was out flying a real helicopter. No such thing as clear glass in aviation. All testers and reviewers had no problems with the glass. As for the shadows…that’s MSFS2020 :slight_smile:


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It bothers me and I hope it corrects the mistake. There is no such reflection …

I’m so sorry if there won’t be a bug fix or an option that gives clean glass.

If you are not willing to fix the bug, please tell me which texture needs to be modified, deleted to get clean glass.

One more question, will the errors and remarks in the model I indicated be addressed? There are also 3D modeling anomalies on the helicopter …

I ask that it is worth reporting the error. Because if you’re not interested in the developer, I’m not wasting my time …

I think there are issues that need to be fixed, after which the Bell 47 helicopter could actually be a perfect model. These problems are 3D modeling, texture problems for the most part.


:slight_smile: We never said we won’t be addressing issues, all your valid points will be taken into consideration.