Escape/Slew ... strange behaviour

Pressing Escape (to access menus) or slewing (… hey, 80 MPH is not for the impatient!) – and likely Active pause too – messes up the governor completely. Disabling the governor and trying to raise the rotor RPM manually takes far to long if you are flying at low altitude.

I assume this is due to the external flight model. Would be great if Escape/Pause/Slew could effectively pause the flight settings (i.e. rotor RPM and airspeed).

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Thanks - we’ll look into what we’re doing during PAUSE.


Thanks Dan. Really loving what you have done with the 47; a first-class heli experience. Looking forward to what else transpires … (was that a Gazelle I saw somewhere … :yum:)

Just might’ve been :wink:

This is probably the sim wide issue, when you pause/escape to go to some menu, when you come back mixture and throttle can be at 50% until,you move one of them and then it will go back to whatever it was set at. I see this on default aircraft too.