External camera way too zoomed in

Awesome chopper, only complain is the external camera wich is way too zoomed in , any way to change it ? thanks , also in multyplayer the other heli seem to disapear quite far away from the 3d model , and I dont see the blade of other heli spinning (now its seem to work ) , but no sound from other player


We’re trying to figure this one out, very tricky and no luck so far. For now I’d recommend trying out the “Drone Camera”

Thanks , I edited my message to add some thing I’ve found

Thanks - We’ll look into the multiplayer stuff, we haven’t done much on that front yet.

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Also , is this normal ? this seem to be a texture problem ?

Good catch! @TonyF looks like a little paint glitch?

Yup, those seperated doors have the old png attached to them, will fix on future release :slight_smile:

Thx @robin00795 good eyes !!!


Also I noticed the wind may affect the helicopter in the opposite way

Yes i noticed it also. The external camera is to far zoomed in. Full zoom out is still to close…
Changed the zoom factor in the camera cfg files doesnt do anything.
Keep up the great work. Its a great heli to fly in MSFS. I also fly in the past Flyinside sim. But the scenery in MSFS are much nicer, not the flightmodel, but that’s a different story :wink: