Feature request - Rotor shadow strobe effect

I would recommend changing the shadow of the rotor when it is in motion, tends to be moving so fast you dont get the limited frame rate strobing effect in the cockpit when the sun is overhead. Not sure if MSFS allows a shadow value between being either on or off.

The human eye blends it together so you dont see the blades shadow so vividly like a camera shutter would.

The rotor already seems to have an animation where once it gets to a speed it blurs, the same thing should be happening with the shadow at the same time.

Maybe a pattern of dots, or overlapping crosshatching?


Thanks for taking the time to make that suggestion Malcolm.

I’m sure that the team will take a look at it.


I was just going to start a start a new thread on the same topic, but got prompted to look at this one. I second the idea. I would prefer no animation at all once the rotors are up to speed. I have not flown a helicopter in real life, but I have seen them flying up close and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that if the rotors are anything other than a complete blur, the pilot is in serious trouble. The strobe effect is purely an artefact of filming; better to simulate real-life than TV. What’s worse is that as the shadow moves across the cockpit, it warps the scenery due to the reprojection. I know rotors are a lot slower than propellers and you probably would get some sensation of the motion, but it would be nice if the animation was an option.

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