First flight with the Bell

Hi! Bought the Bell this evening and just had my first flight, over Tokyo in VR. I set the model to Easy since I have only little experience with flying heli’s in sims. So lots of reading and learning to do before I dare to increase the more realistic modes, but… man, in VR this is the most impressive experience I had so far in FS2020. Flying over Tokyo, through the streets at high speed, discovering LOTS of great features which I never noticed while flying over Tokyo in a plane… it’s spectacular.

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Let me ask a quick question here instead of starting a new topic - I just had an amazing flight, was flying near the coast at LA with sunset… beautiful. Some once in a while my Bell would instantly topple over to the left side, while I was just flying in a straight line. A couple of times I could save it, but after about 30 minutes flying… out of the blue it tumbled over to the left side like crazy and kept on rotating (so I was upside down a couple of times), leading to my death in mere seconds.
Anyone have a clue what could cause this?

Sounds like you are going over VNE (max speed) cruise at about 80 on the dial and you’ll be good :slight_smile:

93 is the max max before the tumble of death :wink:


Ah, it could very well be that I was flying at full speed. i’m really a complete heli newbie, already looking for some tutorial videos to learn the details.
And again - I’m so crazy excited with this heli. Sightseeing in VR is taken to a whole new level with this one!

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Retreating blade stall - Wikipedia

Just in case you are interested in what causes the “tumble of death”.

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Thank you, Hawk Moth! I already knew that this happens when I fly above 80 knots, but I never understood why the helicopter stumbled to the left that way. Now I know. You never stop learning, as we say in Germany (in German of course).

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Thank you, now I understand why I got killed last night :slight_smile:

That’s just one example of where flight simulation is actually infinitely better than real flight. :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ll stick to sims… safer for me and for the people below me :slight_smile:
Did a lot of flying today (realistic mode is hard but funnn), and it’s inderdeed the overspeed causing the barrelroll. Managed to get out of one though, making me feel very proud of myself. Only to collide into a tower 2 seconds later.

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