Flickering interior lights after MSFS updated to SU6

This was posted about in the General Forum FS2020 SU6 update thread, but I thought I’d start a post in the tech support forum.

The dash and interior lighting start flickering/flashing. You can exit to external view and back to internal for it to stop for a while, but it will come back. This started after MSFS updated to SU6. I am not able to reproduce it in any other aircraft so far, only the Bell.

Here are two videos showing this problem:


I was about to report this as well. The hobbs meter and the light panel on the radio flash. Usually, heli starts not flashing then at some random point in the flight the lights start to flash. Did start aft updating to SU6.

@RCFlyer Could you give this build a test?


Once/if it’s verified we’ll roll this fix out as the new build.


One last update, now:

Had tried with the update you put in the general forum last night and it worked (no more flickering/light problems). I didn’t have the pilot issue others were having (so far). Downloaded the above update you posted a few hours ago and all seems good after 30minutes flying around Paris.

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