Found the M*A*S*H filming site!

Woah, that looks sweet, I wanna do stuff like this too but as I’ve said for 411 years now, too lazy to learn this stuff… xD

Looking fantastic Chris! I got my eye on this, keep up the good work.

Cheers for the comments :+1:, been figuring out the wonders of the MSFS SDK this weekend. Managed to get a model imported into the sim (sans textures) without the SDK throwing it’s toys out of the pram so that’s a start there, plus been doing some terraforming at the site , added the 2 helipads and some ground textures for the base. Going to spend the next week ( or however long it takes) getting my head around textures and UV mapping.

Just a couple of shots in sim:

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Well making some good progress now and starting to slowly add buildings into the in sim SDK project which is great as I can fly the Bell off of one of the landing pads and check things out

Biggest PITA so far has been the canvas tent textures, still not happy with them but made some good progress today. There’s a lot of bespoke signs etc to make but in a very masochistic way actually enjoying it.

My next project is going to be a simple bricks and mortar and hangar’s airfield :grin:

Also need to find a 3d model of a blonde wrapped in a towel for the shower tent right @HawkMoth ?:wink:


That’s looking even more awesome now Chris, but please don’t make the blonde the present day version. The 1970s version would be just fine :wink:

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Seems like things aren’t progressing very quickly which is true in parts, but got a pretty good grip on the workings of the SDK now which is a relief after much gnashing of teeth.

Got my head around UV mapping now and starting to combine textures where I can to save on file size. Some of the additional buildings have been modelled (Officers Latrine, Officers Club, Supply Hut , various custom signs and started on the Motor Pool) so getting there.

Cam nets have got me stumped for the minute but where there’s a will etc.


Camo nets is not something that i have seen in any MSFS scenery mods, so if you do find a way, you’ll probably be at the vanguard of scenery development.

Maybe ask a question at the next MSFS devs Q&A?

No me neither Paul and digging around the texture sites doesn’t yield much info. I’ve got a couple of ideas to try though first using some templates and transparency and if I can get the cam net texture nailed down then fingers X can put it into the sim. I have reservations though that it may end up looking a bit grim as some wire fence textures do but we’ll see.

… or you could just assume that the camo netting is perfect and make covered buildings/objects invisible :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, i know, I’m not being overly helpful :slight_smile:

…or could you borrow any tricks from how leaves/trees are modelled? Lots of floating leaves might look like camo netting.

That’s the route i’m planning on looking at for starters

Might be worth it ??


Voted! I’m pretty excited about this and the awesome livery from Tony.

Thanks David,

That all adds up to more Karma points, from, for Chris/LincolnSixE, when he has completed his work of art. :slight_smile:



Hey, how’s the camp model going?
My Dad was in the army as a helicopter mechanic…I couldn’t fly with him as a kid for obvious reasons. I’ve been using the Bell47 in VR and casting that to Twitch. We get on the phone and he watches me. It’s about the closest we will get to flying together. We are both big Mash fans, and flying to the set site is on our list of heli trips to make.
I hope all is well!

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Hi there,

Thanks for the interest in the MAS*H camp. It’s about 75% completed when I last did any work on it which has been a while. Work, summer, major groundworks at home have put it on the back burner, plus I didn’t want to do too much work to it pre SU5 without knowing what it might break.

it’s packaged up just fine as an addon and have been testing it and flying around it ‘in sim’. Here’s a few screenshots:

Right now I’m super busy and don’t have the time at the moment to do more to it. It was a personal project from the start and nothing ‘official’ but hoping to revisit it in the autumn when things are less manic.



wow that is looking awesome

Superbe travail et bonne continuation

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Hi just wondering if this was available somewhere to download in its current state

here ist is