Found the M*A*S*H filming site!


I wonder if a talented scenery creator could rebuild the camp?? :wink:

Vous pouvez faire une demande sur le site très bon site avec des personne qui Assur

Merci. je pourrais juste jeter un oeil à ça

Thank you. i might just take a look at that

Can you please share the coordinates of the location, so that i can see if anyone at might be able to create it?

In the meantime, i’ll see if i can find any images that might help.

This isn’t a bad start. The Camp -

I wonder if there might be some legal/copyright type issues though, with the company that made MASH?

Edit: Do these coordinates look familiar? Latitude: 34° 5’47.64″N, Longitude: 118°44’40.76″W

its easy to find visually once you spot malibu lake, which looks like a hammer. follow the hammerhead down the creek a bit

That’s awesome thanks.

The only two issues now will be finding someone with the skills and motivation to do it and making sure that nobody is going to get sued for copyright infringement :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that MASH the TV series doesn’t have copywrite to MASH ? It’s an Army thing and fair game :slight_smile:

I’d be up for doing a proper MASH heli repaint !!!



nice. i’ll put the request up then and see whether we have any helo pilots who can design scenery.

A Reproduction of the set used for the MASH TV series » Requested | Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’d be great if peeps could register their votes against this one, as it’d be great to reproduce some of that lifesaving action.

Oh and we might get to see “hot lips” again. :wink:

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padding for minimum 20 characters…

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now we have 3 votes :slight_smile:

never mind, i’m pushing it in appropriate channels wherever i can

Jai Fais une demande sur pour un livrée du Bell 47 avoir si quelqu 'un est en mesure de le faire

Nous aurons le kit de peinture bientôt disponible. Merci

MASH paint is in the works :slight_smile:


The MASH location request, for someone on to reproduce it, now has 14 votes and another request for the same location has also been started.

I’ve voted for that one too, as it might attract someone to volunteer to build it.

If you have yet to vote, please do so, via the link i posted earlier in the thread.

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Found it


I’ve started doing some basic mapping of where the buildings were actually situated on the Malibu Lake set. Certainly a bit of terraforming will be needed in sim to get the helipad up the hill flattened out etc. Havn’t got much further that positioning basic shape holders for the tents, Surgery building etc in Blender so far; major issue with flying the actual helicopter getting in the way😉

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…and how are you getting on with the “Hot Lips” model?

Seriously though, it’d be great if we could get this done. :slight_smile:

Bagsy I’m Radar !!! He’s my fav

Well like I said I’ve just started by doing the basic mapping (as best I can) of the filming location and where the tents and buildings were as a point of reference. Still need to put in the location for Rosie’s Bar and some other smaller buildings. The area’s changed a bit since filming finished but used some maps, watching some episodes and videos inc. footage of people visiting the location as a best guess. Next thing will be to start a project see how it looks in sim with Dev Mode and what changes to the terrain need to be made. A lot of the tents are the same ones so that’s a bit of a bonus

Probably one of those projects where the enthusiasm is slightly ahead of the curve than the Blender skills but up for the challenge :grimacing: