Free trial for new Bell lovers?

Hey FlyInside, why not have a free trial period for the bell? I keep talking about it on the discord of the community in which I am active, all that is needed is that to introduce them to a premium sensation flight simulator !

Thank for this mighty bee and your work !
(And I hope to be part of the beta testers if there will be beta test for a 2nd gem !)

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+1 for this, especially if the free version had a 1 gallon gas tank or something that limited flight to a very short time, enough to find out if it works well on your system. A bonus would be that people with the free version installed wouldn’t see bonanzas hovering in multiplayer

it would be nice but as msfs aircraft are so editable folk would “steal” them and make them functional.

I’d love folk to be able to see even a lo res helicopter if they see one of us!