FS2020 Update 6 and Bell 47 seems fine

Hi Dan,
shure ,download now

Cheers Ralf

@Easyraider Sorry hold off for about 10 mins. Had a bad upload, will have a new link shortly

ok,wait for a new one

OK @Easyraider all fixed now :slight_smile:



ok,give it a try :+1:

Downloading, will check it tonight. Thanks, Dan.

Hey Dan,
look´s good for me,
testing also my paints,
switch cold and dark,start,for me i thinkit work :+1: :grinning:

Works fine! Thank you, Dan!

Took a hour night flight around paris. That appears to have fixed it. All lights and instrument lighting now working as they should.

Hi Dan,
sometimes i get this now

go to outside most fix it,then Pilot comes back.
if i reload in Game it is sometimes fixed…

Thank you all so much for the fast feedback!

@Easyraider Could you let me know if this build fixes the intermittently appearing cockpit dude?



but no copilot…for me ok,i remove every time
strange,if you reload copilot show up

Last build had a stupid bug. Latest, which I think works correctly and prevents the flickering, extra internal pilot, etc, is:

i download again :wink:

prevents the flickering, Yes ok
extra internal pilot,Yes ok,
but outsideview at first load only Pilot load…reload in Game ad Copilot…

I have tried last build with server night flight - light did not flicker.
Don’t have any pilot/copilot models inside.