FS2020 Update 6 and Bell 47 seems fine

I did 2 flights yesterday after the update and everything was fine, it took a long time to launch like the first time I installed theBell 47.
So far so good…


So SU6 is out ?? I thought it was the 21st, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


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I noticed a very pronounced flickering in the radio pannel and the clock box that I don’t recall seing before. Looks like having duplicate objects overlaping. Anyone saw this too?

Any way you can catch a video of that? I’m not seeing it.

Sure… I’ll send it later.

I’m having difficuties with the video, Dan. I presume I have to publish it somewere and post the link, right? Anyway, today I found out that cutting to the external camera and back solves the problem, at least temporarily.

Yes. I saw exactly the same flickering on those two digital displays during two shorts flights this morning.
I’ll try that trick tomorrow to see if helps. Will try to capture at least a picture. Not sure of a video.


just downloaded Update 6. I also get the flickering in the clock box and radio screen. the other thing I get is the flyinside manager wants to update to V1.4 despite the fact that it is already V1.4. Also I think that the engine seems a bit over powered now compared to what it was. I fly without govenor, and I am noticing I get light on the skids and take off at a fair bit lower manifold pressure than I did before (no changes to default weight and balance from the start menu).


Tshikwara - I would redownload and reinstall. I just tested and am getting “Activated and Up-To-Date” so if nothing else Heli Manager is running an old version on your machine.

We’ll look into the flickering (not able to reproduce yet), and I’ll check for any changes to engine settings.

Hi all, I just managed to reproduce it so tell me if this is what causes the issue ? I load the 47 up and its fine first time, if i change aircraft then after change back to the 47 via the aircraft selection drop down in dev mode, I get the flickering, sound about right ?


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HI Tony. I usually fly a separate paint job done by one of the contributors. maybe it is a missing texture issue? It happens immediately on start up. I will try one of the default paints and see if that does it.

flew both the default liveries and custom liveries after updating to V1.4 (despite the fact I already was on V1.4). Flickering now only occurs on turning battery off after shut down. Happens on all models.


Thanks for the info, Dan will be looking into it for us :slight_smile:


I did not notice flickering during day flight, as I only look at rpm, speed, vs, and manifold instruments.
But just did couple night flight in the 47, first was fine, on second flight the red light instruments torch (located behind) started flickering together with radio screen backlight. Switching to external view helps temporarily for short period (like a minute or two) then flickering returns.
I flew only the 47, flights around 10-15 minutes, then go to main menu to change location and do next flight, all in VR, default livery.

Same here,reload the heli in game help,sometimes i do nothing it go away.
also try older versions,same…
is since last Simupdate

I get this too. I thought it was a SU6 bug but it may be a Bell 47G only issue. Put up a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuqbaJYmU_U of it happening at night, but it happens during the day too. Switching to external view and back fixes it for a short time.

I also thought it was related to moving my view around as I can get it to happen pretty regular by looking left and then right with TrackIR, but I’ve noticed it sometimes happen when I’ve been looking straight ahead for a while.

The video I made was at night where it’s very pronounced, but it also happens during the day flashing the radio and switch panel.

Edit: I made a post about it in the tech support section.

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Exactly the same in VR! But… how can I use the red light? Looks so much better than the head lamp. If there is a key for that, I missed it in the manual!

Red light is behind you above the center of the seat. You operate it by clicking on it. It’s indispensable for night operations.

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Great! Really much better than the head lamp. Thanks!

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Can you give this build a shot?


I think we’ve got a solid fix for the flickering issue, but confirmation would be a help!