Fuel burn high? Range low

Hi, just wandering what fuel burn is designed into the FM and what other people are getting?
I’m using the 47 in FSEconomy (https://server.fseconomy.net/), the FSE specs for the Bell 47 are 80 KTS and 13 GPH … I’m burning at least twice that, maybe more - need to do some rigorous testing.
Real world the 47 burns around 14 GPH I think. Current fuel burn limits useful range.

Cruise in this is supposed to be 70 mph, roughly 140 nm range.
Not sure about the fuel burn, but maybe 15 GPH?

I have been doing pretty long flights and I did one that was 79 nm and me and my friend had over half tank left and we did not go straight, but mostly following the route. And I did not feel like we where trying all that hard to conserve fuel. Doors off will have an effect so if you run doors off that can be an issue on a long leg.

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We will look into this for you.


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Displaying burn through simconnect indicates 80 lbs/Hr, which is spot on…maybe I had a leak…

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I had engine shut after running out of fuel after 50 minutes of flight (started with half tank) with several take offs and landings and several stretches around 80mph, rpm held in middle of green zone, manifold around 23-25.

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Thanks for your information on fuel burn. I’m sure that the devs will find it most useful.


Two short (MSFS very unreliable right now :frowning: ) tests both recorded a burn rate of around 15 GPH, but end-to-end fuel consumption of 30 GPH, i.e the tanks are going down at twice the correct rate.
I’ve heard of an MSFS bug where the internal clock can run at double rate, but I don’t think that is happening - the panel digital clock on the 47 is running normally.
Could the fuel burn be being applied to both tanks at the same time?

Thanks Keith very very useful info, I’ll get Dan to look into this more today, I think it’s already on his list though :wink: Will give you some info later today.


So I have learned, if you climb alot you will burn A LOT of fuel, if you get to a cruise altitude and pull back power enough to just keep that its as advertisied, you really need to know the helicopter… you can get it economical but it takes practice and as its not a fixed wing it will always be much more of a hassle to keep it “economical!” I think I flew 80 nm using only 45% fuel, thats pretty amazing from what I have seen, and I have more hours on this heli in 6 days than I should admit in public! xD Infact I think its way more hours than I have been telling my self… :smiley:

Typical cruise at 20" should burn 13g/h and give you just under 3 hours with 20min reserve.
The 43 gallon tanks has 41 gallons usable.

i need to get better at the cruise, I still run abit too high power settings too often xD sometimes I burn half the fuel in 20 minutes it feels like xD

Using simconnect you can see that the fuel burn is correct…around 15 GPH at fast cruise, but the tank contents deplete at twice that rate, 30 GPH. That’s the problem.

Oh, thats interesting :open_mouth: That explains it! DAN! DAN! Were u at!? CRITITAL PROBLEMO, ALARMA, ALARMA! :smiley:

That needs investigating, I was gonna try and do a flight later and see how far I get with a super eco cruise

We’re looking into it we’ll fix soon!

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Not fully related, but do you leave the mixture at full always or should/can you lean at higher altitudes?

At least if you use the governor, like i do, you should only need to drop the mixture below full at altitudes where the RPM drops below the green zone. If that happens, then dropping the mixture back, at least a certain distance, will move your RPM back to where you need it.

Maybe give it a try at Lukla, Bugalaga or any airport at a reasonable altitude and you will notice that the RPM reading will drop when the mixture lever is fully rich.