FUEL how to load more fuel before takeoff

It appears that the fuel tanks are always at 50% capacity at takeoff.

If my observation is correct how can I add more fuel before takeoff?

If I started the flight with 75% of fuel I could extend my flights.



I believe this is a default MS setting. I always start from a parking position and just make it part of my pre flight and fill up before starting. Click the weight icon from the drop down at the top of the screen and put as much or as little as you need.
You can of course add fuel on the fly, even though this isn’t realistic. Maybe Flyinside could simulate an explosion if you hot fuel the 47 with a dice roll as to whether or not you go boom? :wink:


Stuart, thanks for the quick reply.
I have never started from a parking position because I preferred to spend my time in the air.
But it appears if I want the longer flights a pre flight check is required.
It will be interesting to see what difference it makes to the performance with 100% of fuel.

Hi again,

Just to be clear there is no actual requirement in the sim to load fuel when shut down. You can do it any time including in the air. I just meant from an authenticity point of view!
I tried to fly at Corchevel (Elv 6583ft) with no passengers and full fuel and never got off the ground. Defueled to 70% and was controllable. There are some nice smaller airports in the lower valleys to fuel up so you don’t need a heavy load at altitude. So next time I’ll probably only take 40% fuel.

Happy flying