Future flyinside helicopter releases?

Does Flyinside plan to release any more helicopters for msfs2020? The bell 47 is so enjoyable, but I would love to fly a more powerful and more modern helicopter.

My wallet is ready! :sunglasses:

Sameeeeeee. The h135 freeware is so close to being amazing. But the physics make me hate it. I need that DCS feel.

P.S. I’d pay stupid money for a uh-60

“Please load a FlyInside Helicopter to use FlyInside Heli Manager”

This message from the Heli Manager would appear to suggest that it wasn’t designed with just one helicopter in mind, but as for what any additional helicopter(s) might be planned, I’d also love to know. :slight_smile:

Maybe it was just a typo?? :wink:

Well the Flyinside sim has quite a few nice helicopters (including a Bell 47) so we can but hope.


It is a very good question. In my opinion, we need classic helicopters. The bell 47 was a very good choice for the developer. I would like to see a classic, iconic Bell 206 B3 JetRanger, Hughes 500 C, Aerospatiale AS 350B1 helicopter models. I want Carenado quality helicopters. I’m also willing to pay $ 60 in advance for a very high quality model.

I think it’s important for the developer to perfect and fix the bugs on the Bell 47 helicopter. It is good to further improve the quality of the 3D helicopter model, to correct bad glass effects.

I couldn’t agree more! So excited for the future of rotorcrafts in this game.

Don’t worry all, more birds are under development :slight_smile:


Great. I’m going to start my own personal league table for which one i crash the most in the first hour of flying. :slight_smile:

The Bell might take some beating

The best news!!!

Any update on future msfs2020 helis? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! We are prepping for our next release of a brand new helicopter!

Before that, you’ll see floats added to the Bell 47! I’ve been flight testing them and am VERY happy!

Stay Tuned!



my paintbrush is ready for the floats :+1:

Thats great news, I’m a recent helicopter fan so Ill be looking forward to seeing the future for rotor heads.