Fyi to the team re 40th anniversary

Just digging around in the sdk beta and built a heliport (woohoo! Finally) but the b‐47 is not reconized as a helicopter in game when started from the spot. So im assuming theres a call or switch that will be needed before the release for that.

Anyways, loves your helo!


Even now in version 1.8, I still have skids sinking into the ground! And even trying to spawn onto the roof top helipad at Hoopers Helipad in LA (LAPD Air Division by IniBuilds), the Sim still says I can’t select it because it thinks that Hoopers is “water”

I can spawn there using the float version but the helicopter bobbles about before settling or sometimes “crashes” the sim. Only option is to spawn in the air and land it there. But the Bell still sinks the skids into the surface . . .

However, I did manage to get my custom paint updated



This particular issue is unique to the upcoming November update to the sim, not the bell 47 itself.

The new helipads have some sort of a tag that tells it if a aircraft is a helicopter or not.

At least thats how it is setup in the beta currently with the software development kit.

Hopefully its a quick fix for the devs for all the 3rd party helicopter devs.


Thanks for the reply, although I don’t know how it can be unique to an update not yet available! Or have I mis-understood you?

This has been a problem since the FlyInside Bell 47 1.45 update. But if it is solved in November, I’ll be happy of course!



Dont worry about it. The issue i was talking about is part of the beta program for the update To the SIM itself not the helicopter. You have to join an early adopter thing, and know how to make scenery.

So pretty sure we are talking about two differnt issues :wink:

Though your other issue. Pm me, maybe i can troubleshoot with you