GPS Circuit Breaker

The manual says …

Note* that this 206 does not have a dedicated avionics switch, but all
avionics are wired to the GPS circuit breaker.

all the avionics work OK but not the GPS ,…where is the GPS circuit breaker???

edit I found it, but also found the label on the strobe lights upside down,…still the GPS does not turn on…

also have the Start button problem , if I stop the engine with going to 0 with the throttle , I cannot start it back (no mouse or button),


Another question,… I am displaying in a FIP Gauge the engine torque using the LVAR Aircraft.Engine.1.Torque.

The display works OK but the value is not in sink with the AC gauge, Gauge 45 , LVAR 30 so my FIP displays 30.

Am I reading the wrong LVAR??

Please advise…

Thank you Jorge

To restart the engine you must switch the generator to off. The generator work as starter or generator. Off means it work as starter on it works as generator.
Try it I restart then engine often and it works perfect.

in_04, or can I call you in? Anyway, you are correct. :+1:

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yes it has the generator switch turned to START but the start button mapping to the collective does not work…it works with mouse

I’ve used ‘Set Starter 1 Hold’ (Engine Instruments section) and assigned it to a button on my throttle. I did try Set Starter 1 but the finger objected to being asked to do something for any length of time. It refused to keep pressing and the whole startup was abandoned

I understand Ron, but no matter how long I press the button does not move and nothing happens…

I am feeling black marked as not one of my several questions has been answered by a Flyinside support guy…

any way , I am going to try the “other” alternative 206…


The alternative B206 have

  • Hardware throttle impossible to turn of governor after triggered, this prevents rolling down the throttle with hardware after the governor kicks in. You have to use a mouse or VR controller by rolling to max and then rolling down. This is top of the list to get fixed with the next update. Thankfully we don’t fly with the throttle in helicopters, that is what the governor is for. But this is still important to us and will be fixed immediately after a solution is found.

I will try the starter button. Currently use mouse only for this task

If you use FSUIPC7 you can assign TOGGLE STARTER SET 1 from presets.
This works