Great Helicopter - Manual not Complete

You guys did a great job on the helicopter. I’m enjoying every flight.

The startup procedures in the manual are not quite complete. The engine won’t start if you don’t turn on the mags and I assume you should turn the alternator on and maybe some lights.

Also, is there anyway to tell your direction of flight from inside the helicopter?

Good catch, that procedure needs a revamp!

Right now we only have a compass (top-left) so it’s pure pilotage. We’re considering some sort of GPS, but debating, as classically these were flown before portable GPS’s were even common.

I’m fine with the compass. Just didn’t find it on my own. If you add GPS, please make it optional.

Hi Dan,

if you folks do add a optional GPS, is even possible to maybe add a garmin 430 to the panel?

I only ask because, I fly online Pilotedge in VR and would be great to have mainly for Airspace awareness. It gets tricky bringing charts in and out of VR. Which no way around it unfortunately :)… But the lovely GNS mod for the 430 and 530 is just brilliant for airspace awareness, DME etc.

If this can be achieved optionally would be awesome. I strictly fly PE and having more situational awareness, can never have too much of :slight_smile:

If not no worries… as I understand. Just that awful default msfs map I’m not a fan of lol.

That makes sense! We have a 430 already implemented in FFS, which we could potentially port to WASM. It’ll take some time, and we’ll have to think on it, WASM ports are never as easy as they should be. But definitely not out of the cards.

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