Ground effect/cushion effect

Hello all. Love the Bell 47 for MSFS! I’m wondering if the ground effect is correct. I’ve never flown a thing in my life so my experience is from sims only but it seems like I’m not getting a cushioning effect when I am coming down close to the ground. To me it seems like I just continue my downward motion with no pushback from the air my rotor is throwing out.

So I read another post on here talking about the same issue. A moderator or Dev said it may have something to do with the auto governor function. I turned that off and am now having an entirely new issue which I’m sure has a lot to do with my ability to fly the Bell without the governor helping me out. So I start up, slowly bring the helicopter to life and then try to manually get myself in the air without the assistance of the governor. I find that I an redlining my manifold pressure and I max out my RPM twisting the throttle but can’t stay in the air. Assistance please.

OK, I have this figured out… somewhat. Getting the 47 moving helps a lot and after figuring out the dance between the manifold pressure and the RPM’s I can somewhat fly. Question, is it alright to have the manifold pressure near or at the redline for extended periods of time? Let me say, it is way more challenging and exciting and frustrating to fly the 47 with the governor off. I highly recommend giving it a go. Now back to the ground effect. I’ll see if I can fly good enough to test it out.

Well, well, well there is ground effect. The Bell 47 flies much more how I would expect it to fly with the governor off, once you get the hang of flying it without the crutch. So, great job Flyinside!

Hi David and welcome aboard.

I have to say, I love it when people find answers to their own questions, while I’m fast asleep in bed. :wink:

Nice one


Thank you HawkMoth. I’m just really happy we have a helicopter that flies good in MSFS now!