Ground effect really?

Sounds like a great simulator to me, but I’d really like the ground effect to show up before ordering anything else. Please some update where this aspect is touched up. The rest is great for me.

Hi @Wulkran and welcome aboard.

By “Ground effect” could you please clarify what it is you are talking about. For example, is it how the helicopter behaves aerodynamically, when close to the ground or is it about the effect the rotor downdraft has on ground objects, like grass?



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I am referring to the ground effect of the world of helis, that is, the air cushion that forms under the helicopter’s blades close to the ground and makes it float. I don’t notice it in the simulation.
The colective goes up very slowly, as soon as it takes off, I stop the bus and the heli does not stop on the air mattress, it continues to rise.
The other way around, being a few meters from the ground while stationary, if the colective goes down very slowly, the heli descends and does not remain floating due to the ground effect but contacts the ground, no matter how slow the maneuver is in both cases. I understand that there is no simulation of the ground effect, which I do see perfectly in other helicopter simulations.
I feel my english translated with google.
Thanks for the interest. Greetings.

Thanks for that.

Can i just ask if you are using the governor or if you have that switched off and are using a physical throttle?

The governor is an artificial feature, designed so that people without a suitable throttle are still able to fly the Bell, but tends to introduce some odd behaviours.

My rig is a hotas warthog thrusmaster with joystick, pedals, and throttle. I have spent many years with flight simulations (I started with the ZX Spectrum) and many hours of flight with your great bell 47. I am not a real airplane pilot but I have been thousands of hours of real physical flight with my 2 paragliders in the different flying areas of my homeland in Spain. I know what I’m talking about. I have the governor set to automatic and I fly in realistic mode, and I don’t notice the ground effect in the simulation. This mode is not present, I do not notice it. Could you make an update in which the ground effect is finally present? By the way, I have not been able to induce the vrs effect (vortice rings state) in the simulation either, but above all I am concerned about the ground effect, which is something that should be noticed in every approach to ground.
Thanks for your interest. Regards.

I wasn’t at all questioning your experience, i was just trying to establish exactly how you are flying the Bell.

As I pointed out in my previous post, the governor can introduce some odd behaviours. For example, when descending, the governor can reduce the power when you haven’t asked for it to be reduced and thus hide the cushioning effect you were expecting.

Ground effect has been modelled, but you will notice it better when the governor is not active and you have full control over the throttle.

I have a Warthog also and although it isn’t ideal, maybe try temporarily mapping one of the levers or the grey slider as the throttle and turning off the governor.

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Thanks for the answer, your observation about the automatic governor subtracting power and making the ground effect disappear seems very reasonable. I’ll wait to see how I can manage a potentiometer that controls the governor, although I find it difficult to implement it in the warthog.
Thanks for everything. Greetings.

In any case, and given that I imagine most people will use the governor in automatic mode, it occurs to me that an update may be convenient in which the automatic governor does not detract from power to cancel the ground effect. Is the request reasonable? thank you in any case.

I will talk to Dan about your request, but I’m afraid that I can’t promise whether or when it will be done.

I’ll let you know the outcome, but if you keep an eye on the Road Map, at FlyInside Bell 47G Road Map - General Forum - FlyInside Helicopters Forum ( , you might see the result before i do. :slight_smile:

HawkMoth, you are really attentive and quick in your responses, which I appreciate. I will be attentive to that roadmap. Thank you. Greetings.

No worries. It has been a pleasure. :slight_smile:

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