Hard drive gone

big blow today my hard drive with all my payware a/c on dropped dead on me lost my Bell 47g as well
contacted the guys at Flyinside hope they can help sure pays to keep backups :woozy_face:

I’ll check my facts with the devs later, but i am fairly sure that you will just be able to download the latest update of the Bell 47G, from FlyInside Bell 47 - Updates (flyinside-helis.com) and then re-enter the activation key that should have been sent to you, when you first purchased. If you cannot access that key, then I am sure that Dan will be able to get that out to you again.

Good luck with the recovery process.


Thanks Paul
I will try and retrieve my order from my bank statement and will send it by PM

Hi John, the key comes when you pay online, it should originally come via email, if you can get on your email provider it should still be saved in the cloud somewhere ? If you cannot find it then contact Dan


Hi Tony I have found my key and am now back flying the 47g


Great news John, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: