Hard to get some speed and lag with helisim?

Hello, since v1.30 (i did not used v1.29) it’s harder to get some speed. Before i was able to fly à 90knots. Today, 50 are very hard to get !

And, during flight, MSFS freeze, and Helisim says “try again” for a few seconds. Then it comes back fine again…

Any idea ?

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Could you revert to v1.25, and see if you’re able to build speed again. That’ll let us know if we had some flight model regression, or if you have somehow had your controls changed around or the like ??


I noticed the same problem.

Ok so i went back to 1.26 and i got same issues with speed. I solved this by modifying joystick properties.

I sitll have lags with helisim, but it might be an issue with msfs : most of time, it happens when changing external view.