Heavy hit on performance, especially after running heli manager


So i bought the product a few days ago. However i am not really able to use it, it absolutley tanks my CPU and GPU.

I get worse peformance than i do with the aerosoft crj, whitch is a pretty complex aircraft.

What happens is that sometimes it runs out of GPU memory budget and in general its really high, and the mainthread is always really high, sometimes hitting 40. I dont know if this is a bug or if this addon is quite demanding.
I bought this helicopter thinking it was realitvily safe in terms of performance since there is no glass cockpit or FMC…

It seems to be ok until i run the heli manager then it starts to degrade in FPS and stays in the mid 20s.
I have a GTX970. I am able to run complex airliners at minimum of 30FPS, but not this.

I really hope that its not because the minimum specs are so high, and i did not check them, but if its the case i really regret my purchase.

Our systems/flight model are pretty optimized, on most machines it runs better than the HC135. My assumption is that the 970 is the limiting factor. Currently our helicopter is pretty heavy on VRAM usage, so if that’s swapping around it could really hurt performance.

Our art update (currently under development) contains a general reduction in VRAM usage, which may resolve the performance issues for you. If you’d like, contact dan@flyinside-fsx.com . I can get you a refund, and you can try again after the update and choose whether or not to re-purchase.



I find that the Bell 47 works great with my hardware which is I9-9900K and 2080 Ti. I can fly in VR with a fairly steady high 20s and often higher even over New York with only occasional stutters. Since it came out, that is the only thing I fly these days as I love just sightseeing :grin:.

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Here, no problems on an i79700K, 32 RAM RTX 2070 Super.