Heli manager problem:(((

Hello I have formatted my pc and since this time has every time I start my bell 47 and I leave my Heli manager he asks me every time to enter my serial number …

Bonjour j ai du formatté mon pc et depuis ce temps a toute les fois que je démarre mon bell 47 et que je pars mon Heli manager il me demande a toutes les fois d entrer mon numéro de série…

Hi Robert,

Please drop Dan an email, at dan@flyinside-fsx.com, and include as many details as you can about your installation, but definitely let him know if you have installed MSFS in a custom location. I’m sure he’ll have you sorted in no time.

I’ve closed your other thread on the same topic, by the way.



Thanks a lot i send him a mail with a picture of my fs2020 installation place

Hi i send him a mail same day like you said to me and never had a response…:(((

He respond and saying it will take a look at my problem…

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