Heli Manager Stalls, won't continue sim

I haven’t flown MSFS for a few weeks. After the latest successful update and the latest heli manager update I tried to fly this morning. I get the usual load screen for MSFS, and after choosing the 47 I get the standard “may take a few minutes to configure” ( not an exact quote). The blue loading line continues to the end, then nothing. even after 15 minutes, nothing. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out. I’ve rebooted twice and the same hangup. Perhaps you can help.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jake,

I’d try giving it close to 30 mins just to be sure. When the bar gets to the end it’s still processing, and in rare cases takes a while.


OK. My experience has been when the blue line ends the sim starts. I interpreted the line as a guage.

I’ll give it another shot tonight.

Thanks for the quick reply.


That nailed it. 22 additional minutes and all was well.

Thanks again.


Nice, good to hear!