Heli Won't Show In MSFS Change Planes Windoow

The Heli will not shpw up in the MSFS change planes window
in Developer Mode…can this be corrected?..

I use Dev mode always, are you sure it’s not right at the very bottom of the list ???


Hi Tony…thanks for the prompt reply…you are right and you thought
me something…I had not tried to expand the size of the “select
aircraft window” in Developer mode, but it can be done…heretofor,
I had simply “searched” for the name of the plane I wanted to launch…
when I searched for Bell 47G nothing came up and that’s because the
heli is listed under “Flyinside Bell 47, etc.”…thanks for the help and
teaching me something…keep up the great work…

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You’re most welcome, glad you are sorted :slight_smile: