Helimanager Bell 47 and Bell 206


I bought the flyinside Bell 47 version 1.71 and later updated it to version 2.66 with extended avionics stack, which can be selected in helimanager, and all worked well.

Then I bought the flyinside Bell 206 version 2.28 and it also works well.

Problem is that now there is only one helimanager and I cannot select the avionics stack for the Bell 47 anymore. What shall I do to keep the 206 working and get access to extra features in the 47.

Both helicopters are great products.

To fix, re-run the Bell 47 installer, and you’ll get the latest Heli Manager. The Bell 47 v2.66 build includes a Heli Manager which supports all features from both the 47 and the 206. Our next 206 update will bring that HM up to parity.

Thanks, it seems to work, thanks for fast response
br Ole