Help with B47G, MSFS and PFT Puma X

Hi there. Here is my problem:
I start FlyInside Helicopter Manager
FHM commands me to open MSFS and choose a FI helicopter
I choose the Bell 47G
I pick PFT’s (already installed and configured) Puma X as commands option
I follow all steps in MSFS to get to “Fly now”
FI Bell 47G does not respond to any input from my Puma X
How can I fix this?

You have tto setup a profile for the bell 47G.go into your controls and then user profile ifyou haven’t already done so.then make sure that you choose the puma x not keyboard or mouse. Choose correct X Y & Z axis for cyclic, collective ,anti torque pedals first .Have the bell ready to fly switch back to controls and make changes until they all function, you also have to choose the correct throttle axis.Its not difficult but the pumaX works great.after you setup the primary controls you can go through all the switches & buttons & assign them to various functions. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

Thanks so much again :slight_smile: