How about navaids?

Any chance of some old school nav aids - like ADF or VOR ?
Outstanding work by the way, finally I can get some use out of MSFS


Let me think on that! I’m hesitant too add a GPS, but an ADF or VOR could fit the time period perfectly.


I am in favor of making the machine as real as possible, really a vor or adf ok, but the modern gps only put it if you have to disable rs …

I agree that you should add a nav and adf radio.

Just thought I would add my opinion on the matter…I respect people’s wishes that want to keep this aircraft true to original. “Realism” On the other hand however, it’s also just as realistic to have NAV/DME and or GPS on board. If you watch the real videos online with current Bell 47’s operating today, most have some sort of GPS that can provide distance measuring etc. This is for a reason, situational awareness.

I don’t solely rely on GPS/VOR but rather use it as a backup for my navigation, when flying VFR.

I’ve said this in other posts, I fly PilotEdge. When I fly in the sim, I treat it as such simming real world flight in today’s times, with real world procedures. Not everybody is into this and I fully respect that and understand. However, we can all agree we want realistic functioning add-on aircraft that fly’s true to life, right ? So you see where I’m going with this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe, the devs can code into the heli manager an option to disable VOR and or GPS etc for those that want to simulate flying before gps and the sorts. For those of us that want to fly comfortably in and around the Los Angeles Bravo simulating real procedures lol can turn this feature on.

As soon as the radio COM1 gets fixed, I’m so taking this helicopter on PE :slight_smile:

Just want to mention in the real world… busting airspace without authorization to enter can cause a world of problems and without the basics VOR/DME limits where you can fly comfortably. Certain VFR transitions across Bravo airspace, unfamiliar airspace etc I could give many examples.

I will say this if at the very least, if you only add a VOR, please add some sort of DME. Without DME using a single VOR is really limiting.



I’m all for some modern systems in this thing. The rest of the sim is not 1940’s and these dont need to be either. Put a sticker on the side of some kind, and you click it the GPS appears or in the app you guys have for this thing. I dont like the touch stuff especially in something like this, but maybe some simpler thing, I dunno what would be appropriet and realistic. Smallest Garmins, not sure how it would be fitted in this thing then… maybe have to google some cockpits and find examples. :slight_smile:

If its optional its not an issue, many of us probably sit and cheat with little nav map or something anyway, real pilots all seem to have an iPad or something too…

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I use my ipad mini and drag the VFR map into it, works a treat. But a GPS clickable sounds like a great plan, I think Dan mentioned somewhere about possibly adding it as well as Navaids.


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Issue is that some people are using VR so is a bit harder to use an ipad where we have to take the headset off to look at it.

I have flown several helicopters that did not come with a GPS but were added in later, and have seen pictures of this one that the owners have done the same.

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I’d really like ADF/VOR navigation to be added. Personally, I’m not a fan of GPS.

I think the JustFlight PA-28R has a very good implementation, where you can select which navigation tools you want to use. Maybe this can be handled via the helicopter manager and allows to choose between none, ADF/VOR and GPS?


Thats a pretty good idea Ronald, I will put that to Dan :slight_smile: Oh and welcome.



I would like to add my support to including some basic nav aids to the Bell 47.

As a challenge and a means to improve my flying skills I have been attempting to fly the Bell 47 in the MSFS scenery of the Papua New Guinea Highlands. The scenery consists of high altitude rugged mountains, deep valleys and frequent cloud in the valley.

Navigation relying on a limited service of NDB, VOR and DME is difficult at best, and impossible without the basic navigation aids.


Use of the VFR map in-game is also not realistic. So I would say, go for some built-in optional navaid :slight_smile:

I also like indeed the options like in the Just Flight Arrow.

Agree that a VOR/DME/ADF radio would be a great addition.

for VR navigation i just pop a GTN750 panel floating over the right seat, it’s like an in-game ipad

yeah but thats no good for VR flying…WHERES MY FLOATS!!!


The team’s working on some navigation enhancements for the 47. We’ll keep you posted!


and downwash effects over water ?