How to avoid hot start


It is impossible for me to avoid hot-starts because I have no throttle axis free on my x52 saitek. I have to use a button but even a small press makes it go past idle detent and beyond, I tried to decrease as much as I can when I hear the pop-up but it is too late. The devs have made this too difficult for persons that don’t own a dedicated helicopter hardware.

Otherwise very good machine , really a pity that they messed that up.

and yes I followed the procedure from the documentation. it is just my key presses that makes the throttle go too far and I can do nothing about it

please help me to find a workaround


Can you roll the throttle with a wheel on a mouse? That’s how I did it before I got the Puma X.

I just use my mouse wheel.

Yep that did the trick much more control with the mouse wheel

The throttle on this chopper is buggy

Buggy? What do you mean by that? It works just like the one in the 206.


Works for me. What is the problem?

I’ve also got an X52 rigged to a “crudimentary” collective setup. I use the dial axis circled in the picture and bind it as shown. Had the FlyInside 206 since last summer and in 100+ starts I’ve never had a hot start, but I’m also 10+ year veteran of the Dodosim 206, so I’m intimately familiar with the startup procedure.

Very nice setup man and what do you use for the cyclic and rudder pedals ?