I'm not embarrassed to say but

I’ve had this heli for a while but HOT START every time even though, ironically, I can still fly it successfully.
I’ve tried every combination:
Zero throttle start (holding the button down) - 15% introduce throttle but gets to 20% and that’s it. Rotate the throttle all the way and before the idle button clicks. Still at 20%. Wind slightly past the idle button (still holding the start button). Immediately HOT START!

Message says, try starting from idle - great, immediately HOT START

Tried everything else but no effect - so frustrating!

What’s the point of trying to master a helicopter on realistic? I passed my driving test in a REAL car :smile:

I need a magic wand people

if I may suggest reading the manual and following the startup exactly as written. Looks like you are introducing fuel incorrectly.


Agreed, all in the manual including proper key bindings. I’m a novice and I can do this so it can be done.

Not it’s important to make sure that your throttle only goes to 30% for idle, make sure your equipment is calibrated correctly otherwise it could go higher and not look at it.

Join us in the Discord group, great bunch there that can help with any questions and you can even stream what you’re doing so others can see what might be happening to cause the hot start.

The FI 206 is all I fly. Started in Southern Alberta and going around the world. Currently in the Southern Philippines.