I'm obviously being a bit dim?

Can’t take off, not enough power. Using an Saitek X52 pro. I can move torque into the green area but as soon as I press the switch next to the start button my RPM drops & I can not take off!! I have Enabled Engine Governer in the Heli Manager. Help? :thinking:

So that switch next to the start button will turn off the governor also (regardless of what Heli Manager has set). I would leave it on (forwards position), and you should have power to take off. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you. With gov on, it’ll keep the RPM in the green, unless you really overload the heli.

What is the altitude of the airport you are trying to take off from?

Also, in my experience if you have your throttle mapped to a control axis you can bring up your engine and rotor RPM’s gradually to conduct warm up 2100-2400 RPM’s and then when ready for take off bring into the green then switch on the governor. It will hold RPM’s for you and won’t be so jarring to the engine.

But I’m not sure if this matters in the sim, just what I do.

Plus some information from Google:
Max service ceiling for hovering at Max Gross Weight IGE around 10,000 ft and OGE 3,200 feet for a Bell 47-G2. This I have not tested in the sim yet.

My question about altitude was more about the possible need to drop the mixture down, as the revs do drop the higher you go, if you don’t do that.

when flying from WX53, Bugalaga, which is “only” at around 6,200ft, i still needed to pull the mixture lever back a little to allow the RPM to get up in the green zone. Without that adjustment, it was really tough to get off the deck, which sounds similar to the issues being experienced here.

Tried everything. This is really starting to grate. Mixture control seems automatic even though that setting is not enabled in the assists!

Can you double check on your config in MSFS2020 that the Saitek isn’t default mapped on the axis to mixture control ?


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Thanks Tony F. That WAS my problem! All fine now. :slight_smile:


Superb mate glad you are sorted :slight_smile:

Yeah, but you’re very unlikely to find a Bell 47 today that can do that. They can barely hover IGE at sealevel at max gross.

Haha, good to know ! I can imagine the work involved just to keep these things well maintained :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this one is factory fresh