Initial setup on PC

I don’t know how to fly helicopters and I want to stick with the Easy, no crash settings with the governor until I learn how to fly…

  1. Does the manual specify which MSFS Flight Model to use? Legacy or Modern
  2. Where exactly do you set Crash to OFF?
  3. How about where to set the Engine reliability?
  4. I have the Thrustmaster TCA controller bindings set according to the manual including the Throttle slider on the Joystick. I can’t physically use Rudder Pedals so the Joystick is set to twist for rudders, and I can’t seem to climb over 100 feet before the heli starts back down to the surface.
  5. Where exactly do I turn off All Assistance in MSFS? I only see Easy - Hard, no Off or On.
  6. When I change settings on the Heli Manager are the setting instantly applied ( No Enter required ) or do I need to Restart the Flight in the sim to use the new settings?


Hi Ray,

  1. We’ll add this to the manual. You want “Modern”
  2. From a flight, hit Escape, then click “Assistance Options”, then turn off everything under “Failure and Damage”
  3. That’s in Heli Manager, under the Flight Model tab, uncheck “Enable Engine Failures”
  4. Are you hitting Engine Failures (does it say “ENG FAILURE” on the radio)? If so, this is a case of pulling too much collective. You want just enough collective to gently rise of the runway, then tilt fowards and build some speed, to climb like an airplane.
  5. You can expand the “PILOTING” section of Assistance Options, and turn all of the individual items off. I believe this is equivalent to “HARD”
  6. No enter required, all settings are applied instantly.

Let me know if you have more questions, hope that helps as a starting point!


Thanks Dan, is the “just enough collective” to rise gently off the runway actually 'just enough throttle" with the bindings set according to the examples in the manual? And to tilt forward and build some speed to climb would be using forward elevator when using the standard HOTAS type joystick.

The other settings are all straight forward. Thanks.

Hi Ray,

That’s correct, you’ve got it. It’s a little bit confusing but it’s setup so
MSFS Throttle = Helicopter Collective - How much the helicopter wants to climb
MSFS Propeller Position = Helicopter Throttle - Only used by people with a full twist-grip controller

We set it up that way so that default bindings work for most people to fly. When it comes to how much collective to use (MSFS Throttle), the best thing you can do is watch the manifold pressure gauge and keep it out of the red.


Thanks again. I can now get in the air and start moving forward then I start drifting left or right and coming back to straight is confusing to me, seems like the controls are reversed.

Can you recommend some simple learn to fly the Flyinside Bell G47 videos? and some hints for learning to fly helicopters in the flight sim.


I’ve got one on YouTube “Flyinside’s Bell 47 Walk Around and Startup Checklist”. There are lots of others. The best advice is practice, practice, practice.

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