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Hi together,
(how) is it possible to install the bell OUTSIDE the community folder, or to remove the origin (and working) installation to another path?

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I’m not sure if you can, more to the point why ??

Could you elaborate a little as to what you want ?


After install, you can move the B47 folder, to another folder or to another drive.
My Aircrafts folder is on a SSD Sata while MSFS on a SSD M2 with win10.
I use addon-linker to chose my aircraft and sceneries .

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Sorry for late reply to both and thank you for support…
TonyF: Pascal207 shows exactly what I want to do.
But after movement of the heli to an external destination the heli manager cant’ find the model. I use addon manager also.
What’s my mistake?

Hi Peter I don’t use addon manager so hopefully @Pascal207 will jump in and help ?


I don’t use addon manager, but MSFS Addon-linker.
My community path is C:/Microsoft Flight Simulator/Community (SSD M2)
Flyinside heli manager in C:/Programmes
And my aircraft in D:/MSFS Addons/aircraft_… (SSD Sata III)

No issue at all with the B47G2

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To both…
stupid: I 'm using the linker instead the …manager, too. Sorry.
If Pascal207’s solution is working, so I’ll continue to make the Bell working also.
Thanks to both.
Happy New Year!

The topic can be closed.

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