Landing Light in the dark

At night or when it is dark outside I noticed that the landing light like shines from the inside against the windshield and it is actually quite hard to see outside in front of you. It creates some kind of a halo on the glass. Especially closer to the ground in a hover it tends to obstruct the view.
Back on the ground it seems to be fine though.

Depending upon what you have the weather set to, haze would actually do that! What were your weather settings??


Yeah I too thought about it if it maybe has something to do with weather.

But It doesn’t look very “outsidish”. It is like the spot sits behind the screen (what it actually does yes) but blends from behind against the windscreen. The view was exceptionally better with landing light off. And the effect also was still present at a like 10 ft hover (no pic sorry). So that makes it finding your way while hover taxiing in the dark a bit harsh.

The weather setting was one from the custom presets you lately linked on the discord. Something like “nice Morning/Dawn” or something I believe.