Landing lights problem

Since a few days my landings lights dont work…someone has same prob??

Hi mate and welcome just checked all seem fine this end =

Internal and External.

What version of the heli are you using ? Msfs2020 also ?

Try cycling the L key and see if they return ok ?


Hello I bought the heli on December 3rd so I must probably have the latest version I am on FS2020 when I press the L all the buttons move and the lights light up except the button of the light landings which does not move and the lights remain off. I use the Logiteck extreme 3D…

Sounds like you have a conflict with the joystick causing this issue, maybe mapped twice somehow on default with your joystick, to test…unplug your joystick in game and press the L key again a few times at night, see if that landing light comes back on.


Thank you for your help… as you suggest I disconnected my Logitech and even if I press L the button does not work unlike all the others I will make other checks because it worked very well at the beginning :frowning: thanks again…

Hi mate the only reason i told you to try above is because i had a similar problem with my Honeycomb yoke, something was double mapped causing the conflict, so hovering your mouse over the landing light switch means it won’t move, is that correct ?


Yes and i have too the honeycomb yoke…

OK lets narrow it down, can you unplug all peripherals for me, I am sure its the honeycomb causing this issue ???


Check for light switch on your yoke, that will be causing this issue, delete the mapping and you should be fine.


Thank you bcp I did what you told me and everything works perfectly :)) thank you again…

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