Livery Request: 1966 Bat Copter!


Great idea!

I just found the movie on Amazon Prime Germany and saw the Bat Copter in the trailer. I want that livery!

But the wings will be a challenge I guess. :grinning:

The lawyers might not be overly helpful either. :slight_smile:

According to Batcopter - Wikipedia the “wings” robbed almost 50% of the power so the way it flies today is without them!

I just watched the 1966 batman movie together with my daughter. It was so much fun. Isn’t there a way to attach those bat wings ignoring the aerodynamic impact? I mean this is a simulation, not real life. Let’s have some fun!

I just thought about that today, nice to see I’m not the only one! Please, do it!

I did see a RW batcopter version without the wings in one of my researches into the B47. But again - this would really need the paintable canopy.

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