Logitech G940 glitch

Have been flying with Logitech G940 and VR for a month now, great fun.

My throttle 1 is bound to collective and I use governor.

In controls, the throttle 1 axis slider works smoothly.

After take off, the collective moves and stutters on its own.

The rudder pedals are working at this time .

When I cannot keep in the air and it lands on its own, the collective works fine from then on, but the pedals have gone dead.

I can now fly smoothly but without pedals.

Over the month I have had it all working sometimes by restarting a few times, but it is a chore to restart many times each time hoping this is the one.

Anyone else having this drama?

Hi @conjola31 and welcome aboard.

That does sound like an odd one.

Do you have any of the MSFS assistance options set, as if the co-pilot is set to “help” you with the flight of the helicopter, that might create some odd behaviour? If so, try with the assistance options turned off.

Also, do you connect your controllers via a hub and if so, is it a powered hub or not? Controllers can behave a little oddly when too much power is being drawn from a USB port.



Hi Paul,

Your info on controllers and hub was a clue

I have no assistance set nor a hub, just 2 blue 3.0 USB ports to try.

I swapped USB port and it does seem to be working OK so far.


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Still ongoing problem with collective.

It stutters on its own, but can fix itself after a few minutes flying

The only other thing you might try, would be to use the device manager to turn off the power management on the USB device(s) for your controller.

Just out of interest, does your collective only behave this way in the Bell 47G or does it do the same with other aircraft, the H135 for example?

I’m guessing a bit, as i haven’t seen this behaviour, but the fact that it seems to “fix itself” might point to something at a level below the application.