Lost registration key

I have recently had to reinstall my pc and seem to have lost my key in the progress. I searched on the forum on where to find the key and they all seem to point to an email. I have checked my mail and only have a order confirmation mail wich hints to a other mail that I have never seem to have gotten (might have gone missing in spam, but it is not there anymore), if I might have been blind and the key is supposed to be in the order confirmation mail can someone please tell me where it is, I cannot find it in there. Can someone please help me on how to get my registration key back?

Hi @CptnObvious and welcome aboard.

The original email, which contains the key, was probably from the online shop that FlyInside use, rather than from FlyInside themselves.

Maybe use a different search word or look at all emails around the time that you bought the Bell.

If you still can’t find it, then please PM @flyinside_dan.




As Paul states search for an email from FastSpring and this should contain your registration key :slight_smile:

If no luck reply here and i’ll try and get you sorted asap.


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Thanks for the suggestions, the only mail I have regarding the helicopter is from Fastspring, but it seems to only be a confirmation of the order, and there is no key in there (or I am just not seeing it). I could use some more help if possible. Thanks.


I have also checked all my mails on the same day and there is none for the order.

Yes, you should have a second email with the key in it from them.
Dan isn’t about at the mo, should be back in about 4 hours, different times to me in the US but this may help if you pop over to FastSpring and put you email address in and you should get help with the key you are missing, unless i misread their help page ??? = Not sure it helps with the key for the Bell 47 but worth a try whilst you are waiting for Dan ?

Click on the bottom choice.



Thank you for the suggestion.

It says no licence keys are associated with my mail, it is the only mail adress I use so it should be the correct one.

OK I got hold of Dan, he will be home later on (3 hours ish) and will get you sorted, sorry for the delay.


Awesome thank you, and thanks for the very quick replies and help.

hmmm me too! I searched my mail folder for all variations of fastspring, flyinside, activation key etc. I couldn’t find the activation e-mail.

I had to do a complete rebuild of windows because I got rather irked at sim update 5 / - I couldn’t get msfs to work and my fat fingers must have cocked something up, so in the end I wiped all data and did a complete reinstall of everything. So far any online key codes for other things have worked, just not the B47. It’s as if the activation email is one of those self deleting messages with an expiry date. I know I didn’t delete it and I am pretty sure I saved a text file (ah, silly me - I couldn’t find that either now)

All I can find are different invoice numbers - one from Flyinside and one from Fastspring.

I have sent a support request to you, so my plea for help will be in your inbox somewhere / somewhen

We’ll get you both sorted later :+1:


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Hi All,

I e-mailed both of you your key from dan@flyinside-fsx.com - if you don’t see it be sure to check your spam.


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I got the mail. Thanks for the quick fix of the problem.

Thanks guys! Fixed.

MS / Asobo caused a lot of frustration with SU5 and they’re already talking SU6…