Mag Compass Issues

Not sure if this needs to be placed in tech support or general forum, so placing in tech support. I noticed the heading bug seems off 15 degrees give or take.

[ example, @ KCRQ -Palomar lined up RWY 24. runway heading is 245 degrees as depicted on the chart and the vertical card mag compass shows 260 degrees. I’ve noticed this in other places as well. ]

Can anyone confirm this ? and apologies if this has already been brought up and discussed in other threads.

I meant to ask Rick today in discord about this after the stream. Got side tracked with other conversations we were having. :slight_smile: Cool guy btw, nice to have had the privilege to chat with him and others in discord today was awesome! Awesome update too, love it!


Hi Robert,

I’ll take a look at this and pass it on to the devs.



@HawkMoth Edit: Typo on my part according to KCRQ airport diagram RWY 24 hdg was 247.6 degrees not 245 after double checking. So 12 degrees off + or - Thanks, Paul

Yup we see it @HawkMoth found we might be on True Hdg and not Magnetic Hdg so we will check this with Dan :wink:


Well that makes since, had a feeling it maybe had something to do with True Hdg. Hopefully easy fix for you guys.