Magnetos switch with a life of its own

Would it be possible to prevent the magnetos from switching themselves off after cutting the mixture?
I’d like to be able to follow a real check list and test the mags on run up, but they only allow the switch to be advanced from OFF - BOTH but not back. IS this a limitation of MSFS or an easy fix?



Hi Stuart welcome mate, asked Dan about this, have you tried the scroll wheel for moving switch back and forward ? Dan did say we can do something if it’s still an issue ??


Hi Tony,

I use a trackball in my sim so no scroll wheel to speak of, however I must have been doing something weird because I can now reverse the mag switch with the opposite mouse button as with the transponder modes and radio encoders. I’m really not sure why this wasn’t working before! User error!
I would still like the mags to not automatically switch off when the mixture is pulled. Can that be done? I’m making a hardware panel I want to use with this helicopter so I’m going to see if the mobiflight capture feature can give me data regarding all the other switches. I have a 270degree wrap around screen (4m circumference and 1m height) that uses three projectors. It works great but when I get the zoom and head position to feel right I can’t see anything below the altimeter and manifold pressure gauge on the panel. I’ve run out of fuel on one occasion (I guess we could put that down to poor flight planning!). I do just love building panels and gauges too so it’s a challenge for me. I hopefully will be able to get it to a semi usable state.

Thanks for your help.

Stuart :o)