Mapping gauges to external instruments


I haven’t noticed a lot going on on the forum for awhile, so I hope development is still ongoing.

I mentioned in a previous post I’m building a simulated panel, flight controls and radios for the 47.
I’ve started configuring all the gauges but I am having an issues with the manifold pressure gauge and struggling to get accurate and repeatable results from it. I’m using the WASM Recip. Engine Manifold Pressure index.
The gauges are all 3D printed of my own design which have been used successfully in my previous panels using mobiflight to integrate them into the sim. The flight controls are connected to Leo Bodnar boards as that is what I’ve been using and they also support drop in hall effect sensors instead of potentiometers.

I had designed a panel from scratch but when I approached a local metal shop for cost to cut one without pressing/forming the cost was greater than an original panel that turned up on eBay. It had been reconditioned by Westland and was in a sealed and labelled bag. The original stencilled switch markings where gone/painted over and it had been manually redone with a paint pen. I will be removing this and adding new decals I’ve made closer to the original.
Likewise the grimes instrument eyebrow lights. I designed them in cad but for expediency I found some reasonably priced originals on eBay too. The Magneto switch is 3D printed with a custom decal which is how I do the gauge faces. Designed in a art package and printed on clear decal film for a laser printer. I then paint the gauge faces to the desired colour I want the points and numbers scales to look (white or various off white colours to give it a used look). The decal is then applied over the top of the flat surface and once dry a clear lacquer is applied over the top. Coloured arcs and red lines can then be added manually. The mixture/ carb heat quadrant is my design and is very rough dimensions just based on general look relative to the panel and it’s mostly 3d printed with some metal hardware as well as aluminium spacers and lever arms.

Could anyone suggest a WASM or FSUIPC offset to use with mobiflight to get more accurate results? Also if it’s something Flyinside have already worked on could you provide a list of switch functions that are currently mappable as well as gauges that can currently be assigned?

I’m just finishing prepping a cyclic from an actual 47 which I’ve been cleaning and removing corrosion and old paint from before repainting. They’ll then be integrated into my sim and I also have a set of pedals and a collective. I will need to fabricate the pitch and throttle housing for the collective and install gears for the throttle. I have original photos and manuals so will refer to them to get it all up and running. I plan to utilise the gearbox units I made some time ago for my 206 sim for the sensing the operation of the controls. These use a 3M HTD gears and belts to translate the relatively small range of motion of the flight controls to a full 360 degrees (or as close to it as I can get) on a rotary hall effect sensor. These have worked great so far in the 206 and I’m sure I can make it work with the 47.

Any help greatly appreciated.



That is truly amazing work Stuart! I want one!


Thats awesome @RogueTrooper ! Thats really taking it to the next level. Also, high @RotorRick ! Havent seen you around on the discord we shared membership. Hope all is well, been playing around with some helo work myself. Recently finished this 3D Printed collective and started doing some test flights with proper rotor bird controls. Totally changes the experience. Bought the STLs from DIY Beyond 3D.

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Hello yourself :slight_smile:

Been busy working on the next FlyInside Helicopter release… VERY soon now!

And the floats version of the Bell 47 is due out even sooner! Stay tuned.



Well this answers the question I just came here to post! Absolutely thrilled you’re working on a new heli. That’s made my day :slight_smile:

@RogueTrooper Awesome setup there fella!

Hi all,

Thanks for the compliments and for the great news that development is continuing plus a new update is inbound!!! Awesome :slight_smile:

Cyclic and collective (not pictured) all painted and reassembled.
I’m working on a 4040 extrusion rig to mount it all on and the controls will be swappable with my 206 controls.

Cheers :grinning: